Entrepreneurial choice of four elements of food and beverage franchise brand

food and beverage industry is so hot, a lot of people who want to start a business are taken into account in this industry, is a promising industry, catering industry is the first choice of many investors, but want to have a foothold in the field, select a high quality food and beverage brands is the key project. In the face of complex dining market, how to choose? This article lists the four elements of the choice of food and beverage franchise brand, I hope you can help.

one, Li Jiacheng said the three points of investment real estate is "lots, lots, lots!" The selection of food and beverage brands to join the main points is strength, strength, strength!" Needless to say, why join millions of McDonald’s so expensive, but also many people rush? Because of the strength, there are many successful precedents, in order to ensure your success.

so the catering franchise brand strength is the first prerequisite — a study of the brand office where? Is the 5A building, apartment building or pager? Employees are dozens or hundreds of people? What is the advertising fee per month?

two, the restaurant franchise brand has been successful in the number of stores? Of course, McDonald’s is also from the beginning of the one or two stores, but you are willing to do the experimental mice?


and McDonald’s fast food brand was founded together but finally survived beyond count, very little. They say they want to do McDonald’s, but that is only their own wishful thinking, for you, the choice has been a number of successful cases of joining the brand is on the election.

three, don’t be cheap! Investment is not to buy clothes, pick cheap but may suffer a great deal. The threshold is too low is bound to represent the confusion of competition, which is the law of economics. A penny of goods before the truth has been tested.

some catering franchise brand charge to thousands of pieces, speaking of promises but ershiqiba, beautiful, do you think of his good luck, met Lei Feng? Join after the discovery of the encounter is Nicholas Tse, who is also the show’s commitment.

four, investigation. Bad food to join the brand to say no matter how good, can not stand a field trip. As said above, the promise of a better, you find that the food and beverage franchise brand claimed that the country hundreds of stores, the company’s after-sales service staff is less than ten, how can not be a beautiful lie?

some more food and beverage brands to join the country throughout the country, but even the headquarters is not even a shop, it should be careful…… So, field trips, to visit a few stores have joined, ask how to support efforts in the end, so that seeing is believing".

experts also proposed to join catering brand awareness, the best reference only recognized by the government industry association, China even recommended

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