nnovation and entrepreneurship seminar Xinjiang University Of Finance and Economics

innovation carried out in Xinjiang is like a raging fire, in order to help people understand the connotation of innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship, to carry out statistics and Information College of Xinjiang University Of Finance and Economics, the specific content of a look!


3 23, sponsored by the Xinjiang University Of Finance and Economics Research Institute, Institute of statistics and information, Xinjiang Institute of social and economic statistics, innovation and entrepreneurship seminars held in the conference room of the Institute of statistics and information. College teacher, Dr. Liao Bin for all the staff to do the topic of the "Internet innovation and Entrepreneurship Model" seminar, and launched a positive discussion.

The background and direction of

through lectures, the teachers have a new understanding of Internet innovation and entrepreneurship, and that the cultivation and guidance of innovative entrepreneurial thinking in the future teaching and student education management work, actively participate in the practice of school "double" reform in.

this field of innovation and entrepreneurship lectures believe inspire more students to understand innovation and entrepreneurship, stimulate people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm enthusiasm, lay a better foundation for the development of Xinjiang.



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