Chengdu to build regional management center with international influence

economic system reform requires a lot of enterprises in the face of the current situation, positive transformation and upgrading of enterprises. So, how to build a regional management center in Chengdu with international influence? July 12th, the Sichuan provincial system to promote comprehensive innovation and reform of the press conference held in Chengdu, the first detailed introduction of the province’s system to promote the overall reform of the content of the pilot program.

test program is divided into three parts, the main contents can be summarized as "a core theme", "two important goals", "three key areas", "four basic principles", "eight tasks" and "thirty pilot policy". Clear to promote civil military depth as the core theme of comprehensive reform and innovation of our province test integration and development, and will focus on the core chengdemian area to carry out the reform and innovation of the test, at the same time, give full play to Tianfu, Panxi region test platform, promote innovation driven transformation and development in other areas of the province.

it is understood that chengdemian as comprehensive reform and innovation of our province test core area, Chengdu focus on building regional innovation center with international influence, the construction of key national high-end equipment industry innovation development demonstration base in Deyang, Mianyang focus on the construction of national innovation demonstration base of civil military integration.

at the same time, for the purpose of comprehensive reform of the province’s reform of the target position, in accordance with national requirements, the province’s comprehensive innovation reform to achieve at least two goals.

is a development goal, through the test of 3 years, the initial construction of a number of strong supporting capacity, promote innovation and the development platform of the role of the initial establishment of a large-scale, innovative, risk-taking and innovative talents, cultivating a number of preliminary with international influence, innovative enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and a number of high-end industrial clusters, and promote the province to accelerate the development of innovation driven transformation.

on the one hand is the goal of reform, that is, in 2018 to form a basic conducive to innovation driven development of enterprise technology innovation, open cooperation and innovation, technology and financial innovation, governance capacity innovation institutional mechanisms. This year to fight in the integration of military and civilian, scientific and technological achievements and other aspects of the first to take shape in the country experience.

at the same time, in the system to promote comprehensive reform pilot innovation tasks, our province to promote comprehensive reform pilot innovation system from eight aspects, namely the establishment of a sound institutional mechanism to co-ordinate and promote the development of civil military integration; accelerate system reform for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements; establish and perfect the system and mechanism innovation to establish and perfect the inland open; the financial system and mechanism innovation; construct the innovative industrial system; establish and improve the innovation of talent development system; focus on building the innovation platform of multi level system; accelerate the innovation of governance system and governance capacity building.

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