A street vendor selling pot she became a millionaire

a lot of people want to start, someone holding a lot of money, but in the business on the road to give up halfway. Some people start empty-handed, but the achievements of the dream of wealth. How to make a start empty-handed? The woman put stall in the pot, after ten years of hard work, she became a woman, we see her entrepreneurial story.

1988, He Qiaonv graduated from Beijing Forestry University to work in Hangzhou. Two years later, the Asian Games held in Beijing, resigned from the office of Ho Ho Ho, who has been engaged in the park and his father went to Beijing to participate in bonsai exhibition.

1994 years, when the North Fourth Ring Road, airport road or everyone’s eyes out of the city. How to make a start empty-handed? But a building dedicated to foreigners export market where they stand, He Qiaonv saw and infinite opportunities. She worked with the construction team to do greening projects in these projects. At the moment, she has completely abandoned the role of bonsai sellers.

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