Zhejiang is now the price of potato silk 2648 yuan a victory over Qingdao prawn

recently appeared in Zhejiang, a high price of potatoes, up to 2468 yuan a copy of this menu in the circle of friends drying out after being crazy forwarding. What potato silk to spend more than 2600 yuan?

the menu from the Yongkang Hotel, spending time for the first day of the new year, the night of January 1st.

menu display: 3 sets of food packages of 7740 yuan, 75 yuan big queer 5 bottles, 3 bottles of 30 yuan Jade Snow, Mona Castle 1 bottles of fried potatoes 298 yuan, a 2648 yuan, a total of 10859 yuan.

menu was passed on to the circle of friends, circle of people not calm: This is not the price of the menu? A meal to eat more than 10 thousand? What the hell?

"so if the customer is not found, you will refund?" Reporter asked.

"yes, we have the audit, and the customer is our old customers, are familiar with, found will give his money back. Later, we were on duty attendant certain punishment."

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