What can go to work while the edge of the program

although there are a lot of people also want to keep their cause, but also to entrepreneurs on the road smooth, however, this goal is not easy to achieve, we also need more careful treatment, to choose a suitable scheme. So, when you go to work, what can you do? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

program one: to do a part-time springboard

for those who do not want to take any risks and want to taste the taste of entrepreneurial work, might as well try part-time. Currently in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities, office workers to do part-time is a common phenomenon. Part-time jobs are high and low, according to his ability, the opportunity to decide. However, regardless of any part-time job, can exercise ability, accumulate experience, but also accumulated a certain amount of money, and save time, without abandoning the present job is just to make up for the short board, think poineering work, can shoot two hawks with one arrow.

but office workers in the selection of part-time, we must pay attention to their own expertise and future development direction. A part-time job is to shorten the entrepreneurial distance, shorten the distance from workers to the boss, if caught for part-time part-time, preoccupied in front of a little petty profits, and forget about their ability to exercise and the accumulation of resources, it is a little The loss outweighs the gain..

program two: play a decisive battle

make full use of the resources accumulated in the work and the establishment of the relationship between entrepreneurship, which is a feature of the office workers, but also an advantage of office workers, can greatly reduce the risk of entrepreneurship. A friend used to work in a large computer image production company, with a lot of small work in computer image, newspaper or magazine, television, television production company has established the relationship between accumulated contacts. When the time is ripe, the friend quit his job, he set up a computer image studio. Because it is equivalent to the continuation of the original work, seamless, the friend did not take any risks, they set foot on the road to success. Now the friend’s studio business is booming.

but should pay attention to in this respect is not the individual business units and business confusion, the work order reverses, even as long as it is profitable business on their own, while the unprofitable business at a loss or return unit, do not take the risk of moral, and may be subject to legal sanctions. In addition, it is necessary to clearly distinguish between business and sideline, not because the impact of their entrepreneurial activities work unit.

program three: find a partner to start a business together

some office workers do not have the time to start their own businesses, but can provide a certain amount of money, or have some business experience and

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