Small details of the business to help

due to the business people are particularly special, some shops business fire, so that consumers feel puzzled, but the business is thriving. In fact, many times are reflected in some details. There are a dozen cake stalls area near the market, the owner is a couple, twelve twelve flat briquette stove, iron man, dough, roll the cake, put in the pot with a woman, from time to time over, the money handed the cake.

every meal, there is a long queue. If they make the cake what is special, with the same Flapjack adjacent stalls are Flapjack size, color selection, price, taste no different from what I observed, diners mouth and their stalls, the out of the ordinary lies in the details.

in the market stalls, hand over hand money for buyers to take food phenomenon is the most convenient, It is quite common for, the most common practice, for most people, did not care too much, do not care too much, from a health point of view, this is very unhealthy, from the law level that, in violation of health regulations, bacteria, virus coins surviving, through money, food, hand cross, easily lead Disease enters by the mouth.

according to the requirements of health regulations, engaged in food supply personnel, in operation, must wear masks, pick up food, money, must use the instrument, the hits couple do these, they have become a leader in many Flapjack stalls, one is their heavy regulations, two is different from the habit of details and whether it is for management review, or for consumers they are convincing, reassuring.

in the eyes of many people, a cake stalls, a busy day only revenue for micro-blog, why so complicated, even that is in the "air", prude. In fact, the business is better than the most afraid of, the details of the light generated by the people, into the heart, the first visual beauty, to accept the psychological, impressed, ten hundred, hundred thousand to the butterfly effect.

some people might think that the owner is in the "appearance", however, even if do not want to do, but also how to attract consumers? In short, in the process of operation, the necessary "air", this is not to see who, but the regulations of our responsibility, is also the most small details to grab the eye, it is these small details will be enlarged, in the process of consumption has become a highlight, in the course of time, details become conscious behavior the achievements of the booming business.

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