The company acquired KFC Pizza Hut Chinese detonated fast circle

recently broke Chinese company will buy KFC and pizza hut, western fast food news detonated fast ring. If the acquisition is successful, KFC, Pizza Hut China will become China company. If KFC, Pizza Hut become China company, you will go to eat?

4 19, a message detonated fast ring, a Chinese company owns KFC, pizza hut is trying to Western fast food giant Yum Brands China acquisition of its business district. Media contact area China Yum responsible person verify this, yum accepted business is split in Chinese area, has made good progress, but declined to comment on rumors or speculation.

The company intends to acquire

Chinese yum

It is reported that

, the media quoted informed sources said that CIC China sovereign wealth fund backed consortium proposed to buy a majority stake in Yum Chinese business (100%) the intention, valuation of the deal for the China Yum may be in 7 billion -80 billion dollars, the investment group is to China subsidiaries due diligence, investment the members of the group including KKR and Baring Private Equity Asia.

said that Temasek, Chunhua capital in China Yum shares bid. Yum is considering all options, may decide to sell a minority stake, or promote the previously announced divestiture.

Yum representative said in emailed statement, since the announced plans to divest China business, companies continue to make good progress, declined to comment for the rumors. Temasek, Baring and KKR also declined to comment.

this month than last month revealed a larger amount of information, the valuation has been reduced. In mid March, there is the media broke Yum is considering to include KKR, Baring Private, Equity Asia and several China fund sale of shares, the proportion of shares sold for 19.9%, while the price makes the overall valuation of China business of about $10 billion, much higher than the valuation of the burst of numerical.

has plans to spin off China business

in fact, as early as last October, yum group issued the notice said, Chinese to spin off business, let Chinese Yum on the New York stock exchange or listed in Hongkong. Yum also said that in the resolution of China and let the business on the New York stock exchange or Hongkong listed before, or the company will return to shareholders of up to $6 billion 200 million. Yum said, capital return will likely take a variety of ways, including stock repurchase, equity acquisition or special dividend.

after the split, yum Chinese area will be recommended

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