Retail customers to avoid errors into the rack

now many of the owners for their own economic reasons, the invisible will easily produce a superior feeling. Indeed, the retail business relative to those of vulnerable groups, economic source is much more stable, but also many active hand. In particular, some of the larger retail business customers, capital and strength is relatively strong, which also developed a number of retail stores threshold high bad habits. As the saying goes diandaqike, a large store virtually on the customer psychology have a feeling that one is the shop owner bureaucratic contempt for customer transfer.

don’t put on airs, playing on the customer jargon, this attitude must be convergence, don’t think of yourself as a customer than a higher. The old saying that "the customer is the business daily", if there is no guests to patronize, retail stores will also become a source of water, the end of this, the business must be very difficult to maintain; if the merchant does not put the customer as a person, the customer does not of course when you get things back, business competition, the customer can leave you. The customer can leave, but the business can’t do anything.

the correct attitude is that businesses should be placed in their own position, as their own customer service, good pre-sale, sale, after-sales service. However, some retail customers because of hand with the agency, sales of a single large, no stores, will also develop a love to buy buy, do not buy down attitude. Now a lot of alternatives to commodities, there is no such a thing, but not the brand can not, your attitude will determine whether you have a long-term survival.

, a bureaucratic airs phenomenon is very common, sometimes not retail customers deliberately, just inadvertently revealed, especially in the face of some small business or plain people, this attitude will inadvertently revealed. If you love to put on airs, it will make the customer feel disgusted, and thus will reduce the degree of trust in you, is not conducive to sales.

, for example, a customer to a retail store, want to buy a warm hand treasure. When the shopkeeper quotes, the customer said, how expensive, others sell 30 dollars a house, you have to be a family of 50. The shopkeeper Li said, go, who you who buy cheap, my house is the price, 50 dollars a, I don’t want to sell it! In fact, the subtext of the customer who want to let the shopkeeper to reduce the price of some, or their own pick a cheap. However, the owner of a word put this channel plug up, and the final result of course, the customer left.

as the retail customers, we should put himself into a position to help customers solve problems, as answering questions, you do, undivided attention to help the customer to solve the problem. The customer is not expert on a commodity, many commodities transactions are retail customers recommended results, if you put on airs, playing the tune, will only make your reputation and image is more and more low.

airs, a cavity at the same time, also.

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