Launching ceremony of Xinzhou college students entrepreneurship Park

dream is nothing, it will become a reality of human effort. College Students’ career dreams to hit off the arms come true, requires a volume can make your dream over the land, Students Pioneer Park is such a place.

"students force" to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation ", they are passionate, brave, but easy because of lack of experience, lack of funds early start and stop the footsteps. In the ‘double’ era, not only need a good project, also need to find a suitable Incubation Platform for their own projects." In the recently held Zhongguancun e valley · Xinzhou college students entrepreneurship Park on the launching ceremony, the Xinzhou Economic Development Zone, the relevant person in charge of the university students to start the pioneering park.

"Park offers a variety of devices including 3D printer, for college students, through the free space and support equipment, for the practical ability, the idea and practice of the spirit of the college students to provide favorable conditions for transformation project landing." An entrepreneur who just settled in the entrepreneurial park told the China Enterprise News reporter.

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