Shandong University of Science and Technology students entrepreneurship Report

students is a topic but not a commonplace talk of an old scholar, each college students have a clear understanding of this issue. College students need to learn how to judge the market situation and the future direction of development, whether or not to think deeply about entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurs two questions.

10 23 afternoon, jointly organized by the Shandong University of Science and Technology Youth League, cooperation and development "at the entrepreneurship of college students on the theme of the report will be held in the student center two floor, the report by the school of electrical engineering and Automation Institute 1997 level of outstanding alumni, the city of Shenzhen science and technology limited company general manager Wang Xinchun Jue served as speaker, Qingdao campus the college student union of science and technology, Secretary of the Communist Youth League cadres, the main student representatives to participate in the study. The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth League school Hao Liang. The report will also sail school students’ science and technology innovation forum Kehai "of" Youth "concert.

this report will deepen the students of public venture, the highly innovative understanding and knowledge, helps to enhance students’ innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, creative consciousness and ability, to stimulate students to participate in innovative activities of the enthusiasm, guide the students to actively participate in business practice.

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