Summer shop business flypaper don’t leave

hot weather, plus some places very wet, it is easy to have some to be disturbed by the mosquitoes, flies, and now many shops will have flypaper, however, even the flypaper, may also have to store business trouble oh. So, the shop business, flypaper can never leave.

"May trapped Shushi, all that such as steaming." After the beginning of summer, daily temperatures rise, our retail stores also cater to the high temperature season once a year, at this special time of the sale of goods is the perspiration comes down like raindrops, tepid, how to promotion, good high sales card, is a real problem for every one of our retail customers face.

but some retail customers find the potential synergies, but because of the small details of their neglected or bad habits, not only reduces the image, but also brings great influence to sales. Let us take a look at a few cases, you ignore in the business? Experienced retail counterparts how targeted analysis.

case 1: are sticky fly paper provoke disaster

the weather is getting hot, although the doors and windows open, fan blowing the whole day, but the store is still like a steamer. The hot weather, but also brings a lot of seasonal goods selling phenomenon, such as food, non-staple food and so on, but also caused some bugs hate mosquitoes, flies in summer. The Wangs are small retail customers to sell non-staple food based supermarket, the supermarket bulk candy cakes are placed in a glass box. In this way, the customer is also very convenient to buy, but the smell also attracted a lot of flies and mosquitoes patronize, sitting there all day to catch flies mosquitoes, is also an unrealistic thing.

Wang shop was selling flypaper, take out the test, hey, this thing really works, stick a certain, especially the better effect on the candy lattice, and now Wang can really sleep without any anxiety. Sticky fly paper anyway is their own to sell, and do not spend a few money, Wang in the candy and pastry area put seven or eight sticky fly paper.

a few days down, flypaper covered with a layer of black flies, and white is Daming before the candy, indoor flies up significantly less. However, the attendant is the original red bran fruit pastry business, but all of a sudden a lot of cold, although many people, but after a circle, but the asking price went, Wang was very puzzled, candy and cake is fresh, smell a bit out there, but how few people interested in?

case study

solution: retail customer Wang Yuping

weapon: flypaper don’t leave

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