How to choose a suitable for their own projects

into the food and beverage industry, more and more people come in, they have to face a problem is how to choose a suitable for their own projects? Is there any way? Of course, what we have is a convenient technique. So choose to join the project skills?

choice, mainly from the following aspects:

a, the project industry prospects.

we are willing to invest in the sunrise industry, so as to have a better space and development. Then we need very keen market insight and courage to perform. With the development of economy, ice cream is popular among young people as a snack. The soft ice cream industry as the development of domestic industry rapidly, the market research company Mintel (Mintel) survey data show that in 2014 consumer spending Chinese ice cream compared with 5 years ago, an increase of more than 54%, the ice cream industry situation is excellent.

two, franchise chain brand.

choose a high profile and mature brand, will greatly reduce the risk of investment. Choose a certain operating age and size of the franchise system, you can enjoy the benefits brought about by the brand effect, quickly into the normal operating state. DF ice cream from 2008 to start the layout of the Chinese market, since the opening of franchise business in 2009, the country has signed more than 800 stores, is expected in 2020 will reach 2000. DF ice cream shop all over the country, by the consumer’s favorite.

three, franchise shop system management training.

mature franchise system has a sound management system, can reduce operational errors. DF ice cream joined the model is very mature, sound system. From the store location, store decoration, business guidance, personnel training, logistics and distribution, marketing and other franchisees to provide 360°. The DF ice cream to create dephone school training system, training professional personnel for the franchisee. In the company’s headquarters to build the simulation of the physical store training base for the franchise from across the country to carry out unified training. The training content from the production, equipment maintenance, service etiquette and effectiveness of the basic course, to store marketing, ACE manager, gold selling hand sales, business management and other public combat courses, enhance employees, managers at all levels of professional ability.

four, franchise business location.

no matter how well-known brands, the choice of location is very critical. DF ice cream has more than 500 different regions of the country, the location of the different types of site selection of the location of the database, experienced selection

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