Hefei second hand housing transactions in the original owners do not want to go

prices have been rising, resulting in many homeowners after selling his house, see prices go up, and playing with the price of the mind. Here on the second-hand housing transactions in Hefei, the original owners do not want to go to take a look at the specific reports.

to pay the full amount, in the help of the intermediary to do the transfer, even water electricity in their own name, but can not get the sense of belonging to their own house. In May 24th, the public caused by small electric Jianghuai hotline call, the original owner on the grounds that make up the difference in prices rose.

for this matter, the lawyer said that the original owner of illegal behavior, it is recommended to resort to law. This year, with the rise in second-hand housing prices in Hefei, similar to the surge in cases of disputes, the proposed buyers and sellers should be objective and rational attitude to face the matter.

repeatedly urged the original owner is still reluctant to go

this year, 30 year old Zhang engaged in courier work in Hefei, in February 18th of this year, he was in the vicinity of the Yaohai District, Longgang, fancy a house. After consultation, a total of 94 square meters, the total price of more than 620 thousand yuan." Zhang told reporters, he put some money from home, will pay the down payment, in the help of an intermediary, in March 17th this year for the transfer procedures, then come into the bank loans to the original owner of the account, the ownership of the housing household electrical and water, have to change the name of a small.

however, although Zhang has been legally in possession of the housing, the original owner can not timely vacate houses, even in the intermediary’s urging, the original owner still occupy the house. "First said in April to move out, and later changed to in May 20th, and now has been occupied by the house does not go, the use of water or electricity I dig." Zhang said he, after several unsuccessful negotiations for intermediary, but also can’t take other intermediary.

5 24, the reporter contacted the Agency Manager Zhang, the latter said it has repeatedly urged the door, but the other side to sell the price is too low, on the grounds that the price difference of $100 thousand to remove. But Zhang also said that the sale of housing has been in accordance with the agreed price, there is no reason to require the buyer to pay extra. In this regard, Zhang said, will help to contact a lawyer.

"house is seen last year, this year set down, you see now prices rise so much, do not fill the money I will not go." When the original owner of the house Wang responded to reporters, he said, regardless of any agreements and contracts, and now not much money he will not move.

recent second-hand housing transaction disputes frequent

coincidentally, Hefei citizens Ms. Yu said, in April when she intends to purchase a residential house in Luyang District, the original owner also helped put together a 300 thousand yuan mortgage. But recommended

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