Choose their own business is good

is now looking for a good job is not easy, plus the change of employment concept, many people go on the road of entrepreneurship. Many people choose to join, there are a lot of people choose to start their own business. So, the question is, if the self-employed, then, to choose what kind of industry is better? I believe this is a headache for many people, after all, the election of the industry, the future development will be smooth. Below, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce.

venture to identify the market, the selection of small investment venture projects, but also according to the location of your consumption level, population, etc.. What is the business of small investment quick? Individual industries do not select the basic necessities of life, everywhere these high streets and back lanes along the street shops, the competition is very intense. To do market competitiveness should be small, strong plasticity; market potential, there can be developed.

has better small business investment project, to eat and use consider eating, consider women between men and women in activities activities activities, consider the children activities between adults and children supplies supplies, children and the elderly activities between the activities by considering the elderly, considering education and training between physical consumables education and training. As long as grasp these principles, and have their own service characteristics, in 2012 the business will be booming


This small

venture project: near the school girl small jewelry, cosmetics, clothing near the school near the school, special snack women cosmetics, the elderly health care products, children intelligence development products, if there is supply in the Taobao open a shop is also good (after all, Taobao does not need to cost too much time. Labor) have great ambitions, such as financing business, because of the economic crisis, a large number of idle funds is still relatively good financing.

City, especially a second tier market, some have entered the era of relative monopoly, it is difficult to invest small effective. However, the rural market is still an untapped gold mine, there are many small investment projects.

summary of the following rapid investment in small business projects, I hope you have some slight inspiration:

food industry (rural supermarket): hunger breeds discontentment, total food consumption is huge, rural areas have huge food consumption growth potential.

chemical industry (rural supermarket or grocery store): Qiqiang and Diaopai through the rural market rise is a precedent.

household appliances (rural household appliances shop): with the power grid renovation completed, farmers home appliances have become necessities of life; the increase of farmers’ income, but also provides the possibility of rapid growth in the rural home appliance industry; now enter the home appliance industry, more can take home appliances to the countryside in the east.


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