Changling sister service station to allow women to start a circle again dream

to help women entrepreneurs, according to local conditions around the country to take different measures to support. Changling Jilin County, Songyuan city of Changling sister service station, to help women realize re employment through entrepreneurship, find a new starting point of life.

to implement the central and provincial Party Committee on strengthening the construction of service-oriented grassroots party organizations, Songyuan City, Changling County focus on serving the people, starting from the community residents are most concerned about employment, helping care for laid-off workers and landless women, the establishment of Changling sister service station in 10 communities throughout the County, they built the scientific point, comprehensive services perfect functions, so that each service station has become the new engine of women’s employment and entrepreneurship and lead the way. Science station, start women’s entrepreneurship, the new engine".

perfect functions, a good recommendation

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