How to join the tea restaurant

restaurant is a catering business model in Hongkong. The prevailing, there will be a lot of franchisees to open a unique style restaurant in different regions in the mainland, there is such a suitable for the tastes of the public, with the mainland style tea restaurant, it is Bifengtang restaurant.

Bifengtang restaurant franchise in taste can be adjusted, Bifengtang restaurant to join Sichuan classic features, Bifengtang restaurant franchise can be added to local tastes are complementary, Bifengtang restaurant franchise will also undertake their own innovation, and all this, no matter how to adjust the product, Bifengtang restaurant franchise are also maintain distinct personality characteristics. Therefore, the tea restaurant to join the typhoon is more suitable for one of the country’s outstanding food and beverage business.

typhoon shelter join conditions

himself and his family are in good health and have passion and enthusiasm in this field.

is willing to accept the company’s management, to participate in a unified training.

provide legal ID card so that the company can establish a real file.

must be according to the requirements of the company, unified hanging "typhoon" image signs.

is willing to consciously safeguard the "typhoon shelter" brand image, not by the "typhoon" brand effect damage the interests of consumers.

after the opening of the company is willing to provide stores and sales of photos of the scene, so that the company set up customer files.

company and franchise for the vertical chain business relations, rather than subordinate relationship, no mutual investment relations, franchised stores, not by the "shelter" brand, do any illegal things, otherwise the franchise itself bear all legal responsibilities, the company does not undertake joint liability.

"shelter", a variety of creative advertising and POP < < Bifengtang technical manual > > the copyright belongs to the whole intellectual property rights is an integral part of the use, to prohibit unauthorized reproduction, reprint, copy, otherwise, will pursue all legal responsibility.

typhoon shelter process

typhoon shelter joined a way

A. joined the Department (franchisee directly to the Department signed a contract to join and participate in technical training)

B. remote join (part of the franchisee because of the distance or other reasons can not go to the Department can be joined by remote)

1. franchisees sign the contract and return this.

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