How to successfully run a Deli in 2016

open a cooked food store? With the development of China’s food industry, now open a food franchise has great development space, join the deli don’t need much space, does not need a huge investment, but the market situation is quite good, so how to successfully operate 2016 Deli?

to sell cooked food based shops are called Deli products often include: Lucai, cold dishes, direct entrance dishes etc.. Deli often does not provide a place for customers to eat, customers often take the form of consumption after buying, such as takeaway window. Cooked food to the main food, the greater the convenience of customers, reduce people’s time.

1. attract customers

a unique name. There is a good fun to remember the name of the store is easy to remember this shop, and interested in attracting consumers into the store to try to consume.

do unique decoration. No matter where the fight does not play, how much is the cost of renovation budget, as much as possible to create a feature. Let a person shine, even if it is to look into the shop style into the shop is also good consumption.

attractive promotion. Painting posters at the door, do delicious pictures, people have to see the desire to eat. Naturally there are consumers into the store.

2. keep customers

delicious products. Cooked taste must be better, not only good, but also has its own unique taste, people had to eat memorable.

Health and safety /

3. expand customer


word-of-mouth publicity. Let the customer to help you promote word of mouth, better than any way to spread.

4. become brand

to unremittingly to do these things, then one day will become a brand. Then you’ll get more.

? How do you know how to successfully run a Deli in 2016, do you know something about the food industry? Recommendation

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