Electricity supplier vs fresh is trap or money King

in the continuous development of e-commerce today, online shopping has become a daily, which triggered a wave of e-commerce business is also a wave of waves, fresh is not yet the last bastion of traditional retail electricity supplier to overcome. So, fresh electricity supplier business status and opportunities in the end how? We will analyze the following.

2012, fresh off to a good start. In May, SF EXPRESS’s electricity supplier SF preferred food mall officially announced on the line, located in the high-end food B2C. June, Amazon’s food classification in China more than a new variety of seafood, while Taobao ecological agriculture on the line.

the product itself problem       food safety is an important concern to users. Organic food, green food, pollution-free food needs to be detected by the relevant departments, to allow the use of the appropriate label for circulation. But for small and medium farmers, the higher the cost of related certification.

1, product innovation strategy of     high added value is not easy to transport products, can be used for pre-sale form; low value-added products easy to transport, small profits, increase customer base.

2, with standardized services and professional food combinations recommend     customer relationship maintenance >

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