How to operate a Korean Restaurant

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China wasincreasingly total GDP is already the world’s second, second only to the United States, so a lot of foreign culture in Chinese market, catering industry is no exception. Take South Korea, and now South Korea’s food is also popular in the market. There are a lot of Korean dishes that foreigners like now. Barbecue is one of Korea’s most famous dishes. Braised beef slices with apple, fried shrimp, bamboo shoots, liver paste soup, sugar soup braised crab leg, braised chicken with chestnuts, milk brine shrimp, grilled steak is the domestic popular Korean cuisine. How to join Korean restaurant business? Small Xiaobian and share this problem.

how to operate a Korean restaurant

business is the main consideration of three aspects:

, the first Korean food stores characteristics. Specific to the restaurant, including several aspects: brand characteristics, product characteristics, service characteristics… Etc.. But what is your restaurant is the main, and what is the characteristics of this area, you have to be determined. But also to consider the current "food". As far as the service is concerned, what kind of people do you serve in the food and beverage service, the eating habits of the people, the level of consumption, and so on. As a preliminary location of the restaurant. With this preliminary information can be collected in the restaurant store confidence.

second, Korean food stores to success in addition to location or location. With the information collected above, you can find the location of the initial location of the restaurant to meet the needs of the collection of these places and other rental shops. Different geographical location of the main crowd is different, determine their eating habits, specific to the store has a certain difference. For example, the main street crowd looks more people, but actually come to eat all the nearby office staff or nearby residents, some residents near the school, District, near the hospital instead of nutritious special snack is more likely to succeed.

third, funding issues. The above two decided to give you a slightly more clear positioning, but this is not enough, because the restaurant location under the capital requirements you must not reach, so you should according to their own funds to specific considerations, will head to consider.

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of these business skills are needed to master, for each operator will be helpful!

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