How Chongqing small noodles taste

to ask why Chongqing small noodles is not so hot, because of the special delicious? How delicious? I know this is a lot of Chongqing small noodles not eat too Chongqing small noodles people will ask! Chongqing small noodles Chongqing is one of the four major characteristics of the class belongs to Chongqing. Is a originated in the beautiful landscape city – Chongqing municipality directly under the characteristics of a traditional snack, Yu Yu dishes. Small soup noodles and dry distillation belong to two types, spicy flavor.

so Chongqing small noodles what flavor? Delicious? Of course, this problem only you personally tasted that small can introduce you to the Chongqing small noodles what face.

narrow facet refers to the spicy side. The main ingredient of fresh wheat flour noodles, Chongqing known as the "water" and "water leaves". For the big bone soup soup Chongdiao variety, choice of materials, the production of unique seasoning, the formation of a compound spicy soup. The ingredients of seasonal green vegetables.


facet include sub pasta, such as beef, pork and pea Noodles with Soy Bean Paste etc.. Small variations in the noodle shop, you can ask the store to create personal customized flavors, such as "dry fried" asked the store (noodles) "yellow" (as hard), "green" (more vegetables), "hot" (more oil Galinsoga) etc..

is a facet of the soul. A bowl of noodles with seasoning flavor. First adjust the seasoning, and then add cooked noodles. Spicy taste and no irritation, smooth chewy noodles, soup aroma, taste. Small is as a southerner Chongqing citizens only accepted traditional pasta. Because of its unique taste, in recent years the national well-known.

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