How should join bedding to choose flourishing shop

shop business for entrepreneurs, is a very important thing, it can make a good project in the fierce competition of the market to occupy a favorable position, of course, is conducive to entrepreneurship.

select the appropriate category shop located at the transportation station, should be based on the business daily necessities and consumer goods price is low and easy to carry. Located in the vicinity of residential shops should be integrated consumer goods management. Located in the vicinity of the office of the shops should be based on the management of cultural office supplies, and commodity grades should be higher. Located in the vicinity of the school shops, stationery, food, daily necessities.

select the spontaneous formation of certain market areas in real life, management department did not make provisions on a street, a market what, but in the long run, a street will become a kind of commodity sales spontaneous "concentrated market.".

select independent window of some stores without independent shop front facade, naturally lose independent advertising space, also make you lost in front of the store "play" marketing wisdom of the space, this will give the promotion brings a lot of trouble.

see people flow shops receipts ultimately depend on the flow of people. The real support shops are fixed flow, followed by the flow of people, passenger flow (bus, subway station).

select roadside restaurants and shops located in a side of the road, with the road back and forth, the two directions of the passenger flow, the value below the corner shop, street is the most common

shops in the state

choose good architecture in the form of a variety of commercial buildings, the ideal structure for column structure or frame structure of large span non (such as stadiums), the utility model has the advantages of good performance, easy separation: show the combination, to arrange the market and commodity.

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