What are the errors in English classes for parents

summer vacation, the children not only ushered in a holiday, but also ushered in a variety of training opportunities. Among them, the entire training and training in the big market, English training has undoubtedly been more people’s attention, but also has become a lot of parents to let their children choose a training program. However, parents in the selection of English training courses are easy to fall into some errors. So, what are the errors in the English language training courses for parents?

summer is coming, many parents send their children to a variety of training courses for summer study. English training is undoubtedly one of the focus of summer study. Business district has a sentence: the child’s money is best earned." The same is true of the English market. Driven by the huge market demand, a wide range of training classes came into being, all kinds of examinations endless.

especially during the summer, various training institutions have launched a variety of summer training courses, so that parents dazzled, difficult to choose. Once the wrong choice is small, spend money, delay the best time for children to learn English is really too late to regret.

parents there are three major errors

experts pointed out that parents in their children’s English training on the prevalence of the three major errors:

misunderstanding: money to spend on the line

part of the parents in the selection of training courses, try to pick "expensive", as long as the price is high, you can better achieve the purpose of improving children’s English proficiency. As a matter of fact, children’s English skills include listening, reading, speaking, writing, vocabulary and so on. For children should improve the purposeful training, rather than simply the pursuit of your "". The so-called "money to go" but some parents too lazy to use their brains.

zone two: looking for English

in fact, learning English can not be done overnight, there is no shortcut to go, only step by step. Cultivate children’s English ability most avoid them. Some parents want to accomplish the whole task at one stroke "is not realistic. Some English training institutions promised "crash" is irresponsible. Of course, the children are interested in scientific teaching methods, can accelerate the speed of learning English, but it is definitely not a crash".

misunderstanding three: advocating foreign teachers

heard that foreign teachers, some parents are so costly immediately sit up and take notice. But they are not. At present, China English training

foreign teachers quality worrying. Look blonde, but many can only be said to be a foreigner, no teacher. A considerable number of foreign teachers have a strong accent. What >

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