Weifang City the first agricultural entrepreneurship contest winners

in the context of the entrepreneurial competition endless, the field of agriculture has its own exclusive venture. Weifang City, the first agricultural entrepreneurship contest successfully ended, many outstanding agricultural entrepreneurial projects all on stage, to show their value. Winners can eventually get a number of entrepreneurial support.

in the second session, each player with 3 minutes of time according to their own relatively good choice of a type of subject are discussed, according to the judges scoring players, according to the score from high to low ranking, ranking of the three players won the third-prize, the top three players score after clearing into the third link.

third links by way of debate, the top three players in the debate tournament wheel form, each round is 4 minutes long. Judges according to the performance of the current round of scoring, according to the score ranking, and ultimately produced two prize, the first prize of the top 1 in the top 2.

It is reported that Weifang’s first

, and entrepreneurship contest to "three rural service" and "public entrepreneurship, innovation" as a guide, to dig out the good and entrepreneurial projects, play a typical role model farmer entrepreneurs. The contest started from August to the end of November, divided into auditions, preliminaries, semi-finals and finals in four stages. In the award settings, the contest set up one or two, three and other awards and outstanding award, return home entrepreneurship award, outstanding organization award and other awards, the highest prize of $50 thousand. At the same time the finalists can also enjoy free access to Weifang city "to improve and enhance your business entrepreneurship training," one to one "business counseling, business loans, bank loans to support the cooperation competition, free access to the Weifang Business University to participate in relevant training at all levels, business model and business priority assigned to carrier subsidies and other policy support.

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