What are the problems that need to be paid attention to in the process of opening a gift shop

Chinese is about reciprocity, go when relatives and friends are always charged gifts can come to visit us, the Chinese nation is a state of ceremonies, not to the holidays, we always give each other gifts, so the market of the gift shop business is very good! Moreover, China’s gift industry is now developing very rapidly, which contains a great deal of business opportunities! Next, we will look at the gift shop in the process of opening the shop need to pay attention to what?

first location is the key to open a gift shop in the site, is not particularly large flow of people places, but the store must be easy to be found, for example, opened in the city streets, but not in the main street, because here is not only relatively cheap to rent, but also to be affect the gift packaging business. Store does not need too much. Generally 25-30 square meters is enough.

upfront investment of about 25000 yuan, mainly for the previous 3 months rent, renovation costs, the purchase of packaging materials, packaging tools, hire a professional staff of 2 to 3 months salary, promotion, shop for business procedures, 5000 yuan of liquidity. If these are in place, professional gift packaging can be opened before the festival.


store decoration, is slightly different from the general store decoration, at least you have to pay attention to the store to store the color collocation, and lovely, fashion, novelty, in addition to your shop, you should pay attention to accidents in the product structure, you in the shop decoration should pay attention to the collocation of color. Decoration on the way, you want to get a name for your shop, the name should reflect the lovely theme, the name of the store must be easy to remember.

and store business is related to the store, not just a name, what HTC, Sheng Yuan, modern…… These names sound good, but what do they have to do with the store? The store of purchase, are now in Hongkong and Taiwan and South Korea are loved by consumers, but your shop is at the beginning, it may not go to Taiwan Hongkong or South Korea to purchase, and the way is you first look at the Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhejiang, China Yiwu wholesale market, but also a lot of work very well. The price is cheap, for the first time to open business shop owners, would be much easier.

gift shop business, engaged in gift packaging in the gift shop staff, before packing in the customer brought gifts to know who is the object of this gift to send customers, only to understand the object of customer gifts, in order to better according to the identity of the other party, produce satisfactory packaging.

this is a gift shop in the market China, is also very worthy of entrepreneurs choose the industry, if you are a novice entrepreneurs, then open a gift shop for you and there are many aspects need to pay attention to the details, Xiaobian recommended above said

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