Bubble small pot join the prospect of venture capital investment

now is the cold winter, many people love and friends to eat large Hot pot Hot pot, however, often make it difficult to eat small bubbles Hot pot features small Hot pot delicious, will play to the extreme, small businesses choose bubble Hot pot to join, can easily showmanship.

A small

bubble Hot pot pot, each of their love taste, don’t worry about the "Tastes differ all tastes." problem. Not only fashion, novelty, health standard is in accordance with the "meal", a person can enjoy exclusive, a group of people can be happy eating. At the same time, the small bubble Hot pot bottom of the pot soup is always available, from ordering to the table only 3 minutes from the bottom of the pot is heated to enjoy only 2 minutes.

because of the small Hot pot dining environment is different from the traditional Hot pot, so few people occupied the table chatting, the vast majority of customers dine while talking, eat on the go, the whole process is about 25 minutes ~35 minutes, compared to the large Hot pot at 2, 3 hours, turn sets the rate 3~5 times as high as


bid farewell to complex decoration: simple and lively is my love

bubble small hot pot dining environment

and traditional Chinese Hot pot painstakingly engaged in the decoration of small bubbles Hot pot brand tonality is concise and easy, without complex decoration, bright and clean, the store atmosphere mainly depends on the colors and lights to decorate.

In stark contrast to the dining environment and traditional small

bubble Hot pot Hot pot: store no irritating fumes, the light is bright, the environment elegant, clean, no noise, in contrast to light music, comfortable atmosphere, won the favor of young consumer groups.

distribution links: distribution core material package, while the higher price elasticity of the ingredients for the nearest procurement. Not only to ensure the unity of taste, but also to compress the cost of food ingredients around 27%;

link: because the core of the sauce from the kitchen kitchen micro uniform distribution, so the store Houchu almost do not need frying equipment and raw material, increase the operating area of intangible, and reduce labor input (fried Material Engineering);

logistics links: to reduce the high cost of the whole process of cold chain distribution, the daily operating costs have been effectively compressed;


link: special customized equipment to reduce the workload of the kitchen, let convergence front and Houchu more smoothly.

is now a small bubble hot pot so that everyone likes to eat, choose to invest in small bubble hot pot, can successfully open the wealth market, the taste of small bubble hot pot authentic, delicious full, no worries about investment.

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