How to make money cosmetics store

cosmetics shop is a common choice for many businesses, the industry outlook is good, high profit, who do not want to miss this "big sheep". If you want to tap into a greater wealth of space can learn a lot of business skills, the experience of others with their own reality may help you find the right way to get rich.

maintenance store Charm

pursuit of commodity Charm

concerned that now consumers love "vulgar, Taiwan, satisfied" goods, the same goods than price, property, more than who have multiple functions, good effect.

as product positioning Watsons compared with the mass consumer groups, the main face of the low price high level products, most of which involve a low-end price level for the selected products, consumer group products to each of them have different levels of needs, from the location have a high school low price product display area the choice is more convenient for customers.

charm to improve service

stores, the charm of goods there, then improve the service charm, is also the staff to make the guests feel that everyone in the shop are very friendly, home consumption is a kind of enjoyment.   good service reputation. Watsons’s service reputation to become the largest consumer consumer source, a reputation has become a gold Watsons, Watsons in the consumer, you can easily enjoy the different services.


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