Fuyang public electric car into the district

in our daily life, electric vehicles as the basic means of transport, to provide a great convenience for our trip, but when the cosmopolitan life a lot of people out to choose public or private cars. In fact, many people also want to ride the electric car, but it does not feel necessary to buy. Today, the streets, all over the public bicycle small green figure. But you know, now the city economic and Technological Development Zone in two areas with a public electric car, attracted many people’s attention.

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, secularly evening news reporter also can not wait to see, a lot of experience. How to borrow the car? How much do you charge? How do you lose your car? Don’t worry, this is one answer.


public electric car into the district

borrowed more than 10 minutes, half an hour to charge $1

recently, secularly evening news reporter came to the best District Heights, in the area of the south gate and Simon doorway, respectively saw a row of electric "little green", a total of 30 vehicles. Electric "little green" as the name suggests, green appearance, compact and lightweight.

it is understood that the electric "little green" is commonly released by the city of Anhui elegant Internet Technology Co., Ltd. and Fuyang Yu Bo Electric Co. ltd.. At present, the Development Zone, the best District Heights and Regent Jiayuan are equipped with parking spots. Today, the car has been intelligent, with a mobile phone will be able to easily borrow.

"help make" electric "little green" project director Xiao Jun, want to borrow the car, pay 300 yuan credit deposit (refundable), 100 yuan prepaid gold. Within 10 minutes by car free of charge, more than half an hour to spend more than 10 minutes to charge a service fee of $1, deducted from the $100 recharge. To ensure that a car can be used by many people, three yuan a day cap."


mobile phone to sweep the two-dimensional code, you can borrow the car

on the day of the interview, secularly evening news reporter also personally experience a. Open mobile phone, WeChat public number to help make ", click" I want to borrow the car, enter the mobile phone terminal – home interface, select the map marked on the site, according to the map of pedestrian navigation to find parking spaces, click on the scan code by car button, aligned two-dimensional code scan code after the success of electric vehicles will automatically unlock you can ride.

riding for more than and 10 minutes, want to return the car, just put the car parked in the parking point, click on the interface of the lock and return the car, the button can be two.

"electric" little green "has recommended investment

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