Business shop franchise management method Hot pot of spicy

catering industry has always been the pursuit of entrepreneurs object, the market is broad, unlimited business opportunities. For Hot pot stores do spicy, spicy Hot pot franchise management is very important. Do a good job of management, sales will rise in order to create visibility. What it can do Hot pot stores management spicy? Today, let us look at the management way of making Hot pot stores Health spicy "growth".

training stage

by the Wuchang office responsible for the organization, training, promotion, training for all staff catering department, the main content is "5S" management of the basic knowledge and skills, through special training and field training combined with the theory of training and learning combination, staff training and individual combination of teaching, be sure to upgrade from all staff of the "5S" consciousness of management;

promotion stage

1, with three days to distinguish between and not to. Handle non essential goods and personal belongings;

2, with a week of custom management and visual management, a variety of identification, functional zoning, health division of responsibility to implement. The responsibility requirements of full coverage, no blank, no blind spots, and formulate feasible clean design standards, Wuchang Kanban, Wuchang Museum;

3, three days for the preliminary implementation of "Wuchang" feel of the environment and efficiency, requires all employees light experience, advice and find a stage to the problems of


consolidation and improvement stage

"5S" management activities are fully integrated into the daily work, constantly supervise continuously perfect, establish and implement the idea of always persevere.

any views of things to succeed will have to pay their own efforts, business franchise is so hot Hot pot. No matter Hot pot stores Hot pot spicy spicy delicacy or promotion, daily management, the owner must pay courage, must pay a sweat, effort to make Zhengyang spicy Hot pot stores as quickly as possible.


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