Fujian food safety inspection accounted for most of the cake

with the gradual improvement of living standards, with the gradually increase the consumption capacity, in life we pay more attention to food safety, but food safety problems have been exposed, how to eat safely has become fully pay close attention to the topic, so the relevant units increased the crackdown in life. Yesterday, the provincial food and Drug Administration announced a new batch of food safety checks in our province, involving pastries, edible agricultural products, bee products, vegetable products, biscuits, wine, etc..

labeled as Fujian 1000 food industry limited company in the May 25, 2016 production of pocket bread, marked as Xiamen Yiyuan food limited company in the April 26, 2016 production of pocket steamed bread (pineapple), marked as Zhangzhou Longwen Tonghui food factory in May 23, 2016 the production of steamed cake salad in 21 batches of substandard pastry, there are 13 batches products are the total number of colonies exceed the standard problem.

Fujian food safety inspection of the majority of the cake, so the majority of consumers at the time of purchase must be careful, do not eat things that should not be a serious burden on the body and regret! These products may be in the process of production, sales, health conditions are not standardized, bacteria exceeded. The rest of the products are additives, preservatives and other issues. Consumers in the market if found to be notified of substandard food, you can call 12331 complaints.

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