Science and technology branch of the great beauty robot in China released the first unique experienc

not long ago, Alfa won nine players Li Shishi dog, shaken many people on artificial intelligence cognition. In April 15th, the University of Science and Technology of China officially released the first domestic "unique interactive experience robot", compared with the dog Alfa, the "beauty" not only talented, and almost real yen value.

camera please let me stand behind the display face." Morning, the robot research center of University of Science and Technology of China, surrounded by the media robot Allison road. Even in the face of "you" such a thorny issue, she also with ease, "this is the girl’s secret."

interact with people, Allison is more like a live version of Siri, talk with expression and action. The robot research center of University of Science & Technology China director Chen Xiaoping introduced Allison’s appearance from 5 in a high value of Yan girls, initially with the man-machine dialogue understanding, facial micro expressions and body movements, and die. In the complex dynamic environment of a wide range of activities, she can move freely through navigation and cloud services.

long ago, Allison caused no small stir in the city of Hefei Guogou Plaza, crowded shopping malls, continue to be the customer in case of interference, Allison will act as a guide to smooth the customer to the designated place. This is not her first public appearance in 2016, the first global Chinese robot show "and" who is the chess game, Allison also has been a guest host.

"robot character definition is the core of man-machine relationship, we should not only let Allison more ‘intelligent’ have better character." Chen Xiaoping introduced, they aim to create a more kind-hearted, diligent and wise Allison, even if one day it has extraordinary knowledge and ability, and even "self consciousness", also will not harm humans, but to better serve mankind.

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