Stone pot fish join fee

many entrepreneurs want to know the cost of stone pot fish join? The problem is that there is no right answer, because different stone fish brand selling different, the scale of operation is not the same as the cost of joining will naturally lead to different.

is now a lot of stone fish Hot pot franchise enterprises that are their franchisees has more than hundreds of thousands, in fact, if you go to the real investigation, we will find that 98% are deceptive, the purpose is to attract more franchisees to join their stone fish shop. Why? Because these charges in stone fish joining enterprises are very high, can make a? As to how their stone fish shop business, brand awareness, this will be joining their further fieldwork details.

but the title of the article is to discuss the stone fish since the initial fee how much? So small is also on the network for you to collect some stone fish jiamengfei offer, as would you like to join the stone fish shop make up your own mind. But Xiao Bian to all franchisees said an old saying is: join the high cost, investment need to be cautious!

stone pot fish fee reference:

ordinary stone pot fish franchise: 6000-10000 yuan

intermediate stone pot fish franchise: 10000-20000 yuan

senior stone pot fish franchise: 20000-30000 yuan

stone pot fish join flagship store: 30000-40000 yuan

here is a small series of proposals to want to invest in stone pot fish franchise friends must choose mature, good reputation to join the business, the market to personally visit, after considering whether to join

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