Liu Qiangdong successful entrepreneurs sitting on billions or let tea mm into Haier stepmother

through the struggle to change their destiny through entrepreneurship among the high ranks of rich handsome. He put the male grass root the hearts of the goddess, and their age is only half the size of 90 tea sister Zhang Zetian in my arms.

finished reading, social department can’t find even girlfriend, how to marry daughter-in-law? I want to learn something else. What technology attracts girls? Must be a sophisticated computer. I bought a lot of programming books, after-school time to start learning programming.

junior next semester, I use the 15 day holiday to go to Shenyang to help a company program. Sleepless, working day and night, only a few hours of sleep almost every day, three meals a day to eat fast food. At that time, programmers are particularly valuable, so the income is not bad.

first venture loss of 200 thousand   smile to failure again

the first venture to defeat a bureau, the loss of nearly 200 thousand yuan. I began to have doubts about human nature, I am so good to employees, why do they treat me like this?

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