The South Asian national cultural products are endowed with commercial value on the basis of their c

wants to make money in today’s society, is not a difficult thing. But to make a lot of money, you really need some ways. In the commercial society, the information age, the cultural consumption has become a bright spot in the market, and all the places bearing the culture are endowed with commercial value.

although jewelry, clothing industry competition is intense, but these exotic goods with its unique design and cultural connotation to win consumers, successfully occupied the market, and Chengdu starting from this base, to the national market.

5, Hu Bing "to" read, read MBA in sichuan. After graduation, she did not like the other students to be white-collar, she don’t want that kind of uneventful life, but only to meet their own desire to travel around the world, she chose to be a businessman, chose South Asian jewelry.

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