Children’s room decoration should pay attention to these points

housing renovation is a very important thing, especially children’s room decoration, not only to focus on the design of the aesthetic, but also focus on environmental protection. Children’s room decoration, pay attention to cartoon style, deal with rounded edges and corners, the most critical place to ensure that children’s room decoration materials green. Below we also look at the use of children’s room wall decoration materials which pay attention to.

and metope paint selection, remember not petty, remember to choose a reputable brand with good quality, and ensure that the one hundred percent materials are odorless, environmentally friendly non-toxic products, the harmful heavy metals, formaldehyde or benzene smell all isolated in the life space. Recommend the use of bamboo fiber as a raw material of bamboo fiber.

in addition, paint stains or attached to the dust, and to play a long time to scrub. Especially the wall, once stuck with the best stain can be easily cleaned, and can keep the original color. Meet the children more care of the healthy growth of nature.

wall is not musty nor if the area lack of sunshine sunshine, humid and rainy, recommended to choose the integrated wall. The integrated wall has the advantages of abrasion resistance, water resistance, moisture resistance, fire resistance and crack resistance. Wall can be adjusted moisture, mold can not adhere to the proliferation of the wall for a long time will not appear ugly and harmful to the health of the mold block, to ensure that the home environment and comfortable, children’s activities more healthy and safe space.


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