How to manage a restaurant

Chinese is an ancient food country, and now the domestic catering industry development, there are a lot of people on catering market opportunities is Everfount, enter the food market, there is a good market opportunity.

in the restaurant industry, catering management plays a decisive role. In the fierce competition in the food and beverage market, the level of the quality of the food and beverage manager and management capacity is the key to the survival and success of the enterprise.

The main work is:

the internal spirit of teamwork and cooperation is the key, inside a small department and effective in written communication contributes to accuracy, as part of a loophole, managers should be good coordination, rule-based, Zhang bixun. Good communication, coordination and management, can reduce internal contradictions, improve service and efficiency, which is the only way managers.

do everything to have a good plan, such as: within one month of what to do and how to do, who to do so. How much difficulty to predict, how much can be completed, etc.. This argument, only a good plan will stabilize the heel, a orderly work. As a unit the leadership or superior leadership is a plan, then the company is like a mess, no results.

is command and guide the management premise of corresponding supervision only manual management, a supervisory level not override