Price trend analysis in November

will naturally think of a lot of things to a new year, people and nature in the people’s purchasing power, prices will naturally have some fluctuation, today Taiyuan’s grain price we give investors hope to be able to introduce, in the coming year to investors pointed out the direction of investment, let the big family to create their own wealth in 2017.

11 months, Taiyuan province’s average price of wheat was 2.33 yuan / kg, an increase of 1.3%; the price of corn is 1.52 yuan / kg, an increase of 0.66%; the main reason food prices rise, one is affected by the national macro-control policy and food security, food prices rose slightly; the two is a large number of the province’s recent Autumn a mature market, the new corn humidity is reduced, water is reduced, the market price rise.

11 months, Taiyuan province red apple Fuji average price of 6.16 yuan / kg, down 19.27%; orange price 5.5 yuan / kg, down 8.33%; banana price was 5.08 yuan / kg, down 6.1%. The main reason for the decline in fruit prices is to enter the fall and winter season, a large number of local fruit market, the market supply is abundant, affecting its price decline.

Shanxi is a big province of grain, and Taiyuan as the capital, the trend of grain prices in relation to a lot of people, if we can stabilize food prices, will allow more people to pay attention, become the focus of public attention, so that more people in the fruit, wheat industry can find their own entrepreneurial direction, let more people pay attention to the big data the industry, become a success guarantee.

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