The Chinese fast food franchise details


in the Internet age is coming with the Internet, the momentum of the project have come into being. For example, the rise of fast food catering industry, catering industry, a few years ago the O2O war will be catering industry to the top of the pagoda fast food, fast food is more popular now, the market demand is great, become a good project, numerous projects market for investors are at a loss, the Qin Dynasty in the Chinese fast food fast food market. Well, it has become a hot investment projects, so the Chinese fast food franchise fee is how much


How much is the Qin Dynasty

Chinese fast food franchise fee?

the Chinese fast food cost to join as follows:

1) franchise mode surface arranges the Qin Dynasty initial fee 20 thousand yuan contract period of 3 years. [] 20 thousand [not to renew the contract fee management fee]

(2) surface lifetime franchise mode arranges the Qin Dynasty initial fee 30 thousand yuan contract period of 3 years free to renew the contract] the first year from the management fee of

After joining

, the company supports the following:

1, issue graphic design program, on-site supervision.

2, the store opened, company in local stores to the bronze Jubilee license, and included in the company’s website.

3, uniform signs of "Qin crock" licensing shop.

4, the company to license the "Qin crock face" trademark registration certificate and a copy of the identity holder.

5, free training license shop students.

the Chinese fast food join advantage:

free brand promotion

arranges the Qin Dynasty surface set up to now have ten years of time, in the ten years the headquarters of publicity and promotion of the brand, which greatly improves the surface of the Qin Dynasty crock brand influence and market visibility, so the franchisee can get to meet time the headquarters of the free volume brand publicity to make you successful in pasta industry, and quickly gain a foothold.

set up shop guidance

Many operators

open the Qin Dynasty are not what crock noodle shop in today’s food and beverage industry experience, no experience can easily be eliminated, so the headquarters will be a lot of experience before the franchisee shop training, so that franchisees understand now catering business market, and do a good job shop ready, avoid because of experience lack of trouble >

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