What are the requirements of College Students’ interest free loans

now has a number of graduates left the alma mater, entrepreneurship and employment is put in the two road, in front of them at present, countries have a high degree of policies to support entrepreneurship in college students, so students loans is more favorable than other ordinary loans. College Students’ interest free loans, is to encourage college graduates to start their own businesses and the establishment of a loan. What are the requirements of College Students’ interest free loans? Let’s take a look.

is interest free for entrepreneurs themselves, compared to the banks is the only country in order to encourage entrepreneurship and promote employment policies, interest from financial subsidies.

and entrepreneurial interest free loans also has time limit, the state for university graduates to provide small business loans are government subsidized loans, the period of 1 to 2 years, 2 years later, no longer enjoy financial discount. General requirements: business loan amount does not exceed the maximum the normal production and operation activities required liquidity, purchase (install or repair) and small equipment (equipment) and the franchise funds required for 70% of the total; the general term of 2 years, the longest no more than 3 years, the production and management of liquidity loans for the longest period for 1 years; personal loan business execution issued the people’s Bank of Chinese for lending rates, floating in a specified range.

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