Shanghai introduction of capital to create college students entrepreneurial paradise

all walks of life in the college students’ career development, the implementation of a number of exclusive support policies, greatly reducing the probability of failure of the venture. Shanghai has become a "paradise" for many college students.

this with a long hair of the Academy of fine arts college students, is the development of laundry service industry "hungry". From the "wash" to "hungry", "the basic necessities of life" the line moved online, Shanghai has become the "college student entrepreneurs park". Reporters from the Shanghai City College of science and technology entrepreneurship foundation was informed that, as of the first three quarters of this year, the fund has accepted 646 entrepreneurial projects, representing an increase of over 30%, the equivalent of "12th Five-Year" in the first two years – 2011, the sum of the amount received in 2012. At present, has been approved by 228 "good", in which the information technology enterprises accounted for more than 36.52% months, the Foundation funded venture project of millions of dollars.

Development of

project fund is divided city college of science and technology entrepreneurship foundation is one of the 21 branch and special fund, these universities and related institutions including Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University, East China Normal University, Songjiang University City, city business center, Hong Kong Polytech University, in recent years has been established covering the city’s "Angel Fund" of college students and youth entrepreneurial projects funded by the network. As of the end of the month, the fund received a total of 4779 entrepreneurial projects, total funding of 1217 enterprises, the amount of subsidy of about 230 million yuan, driven by the employment of about 10 thousand people, and guide social capital into various rolling.

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