Maternal and child shop design need to pay attention to what

in our country, the maternal and infant supplies industry has gradually developed, many small areas have opened a large and small maternal and child supplies store. Can attract customers, the first thing is to rely on the store is designed to capture the mother’s eyes and heart. Maternal and child supplies store layout design needs to pay attention to what?

1.  look around the store, whether it is a bright atmosphere

2.  look around the store, whether there is a sense of cleanliness

3.  look around the store, if you can not stay in the atmosphere

4.  whether the main path is clear, whether it is easy to pass

5.  the main path is not around the store a week

6.  the main path is long, and extended the customer’s stay in the store time

7.  even if the narrow channel is at least 60 cm wide

8.  circular stores are high (whether can induce customers to store


9.  whether there are redundant equipment on the path

10.  whether the location of the cashier to the customer pressure

11.  according to a single arrangement

12.  whether or not to form a region highlights the store’s main

13.  can you feel the season

14.  whether the lighting on the dead corner, the POP can be clearly seen, whether there is a sense of freshness in the activity area, instant

1.  if the mouth is easy to find, easy access to

2.  shop door is in the state of convenient access

3.  do not have cardboard boxes or steps at the entrance of a number of barriers to facilitate customers to enter the

4. can you look inside the store from the entrance

5.  can you learn the goods and prices from the entrance

6.  near the entrance is bright and clean

7.  whether the entrance lighting is good, let everybody understand the store is in business

8.  when it rains, if there is a place or umbrella umbrella holding plastic bags "recommended near the entrance

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