Why small shops so fire

many people will think of profit and the operation of shops is proportional to the area, to earn higher profits will only increase shops, shops operating area, but this paper small shops can create large profits. Shandong Zaozhuang Tengzhou City Xin Street office Beiguan a street, a small supermarket, called hsbc.

don’t look at this shop business area of only a dozen square meters, but every day in and out of the goods but many, light dairy products this one, not wholesale, retail sales per day is two thousand or three thousand yuan.

owner Lu Wei told reporters: "do not look at my small shop, but the volume is large. I have a warehouse in the vicinity, every morning from the warehouse pulled over a lot of goods, often not enough to sell, the afternoon and then pull over a group."

HSBC supermarket business is booming, there are two tricks.

gold position, do not worry about the source

"my shop is the first door at the junction, from the District, hospitals and schools are very close." Lu Wei introduced to reporters.


supermarket is located in Liberation Road and North Street is bustling Tengzhou city at the junction of the southeast side, adjacent to a number of residential areas. The shop on the south of the people’s Hospital of Tengzhou City, Tengzhou City, North Primary School the first middle school in the district within 10 minutes. ". Shops around the larger flow of people, community residents, to the hospital visiting people, students and parents to transfer students are the target customers.

Lu Wei said that four years ago when he chose to shop, see a lot of stores are not phase. I heard that the boss of the shop because of physical reasons want to transfer out of the shop, he chatted with the boss, a variety of costs down to about one hundred thousand yuan.

on four years ago, this cost is not low. Because the shop has two floors, but the operating area of only a dozen square meters downstairs, upstairs space can only be used to rest and temporary storage of some items.

After some consideration

, Lu Wei decided to put the gold position of the store down. In his view, although the small size is a disadvantage, but if the location is good to take advantage of this advantage, the traffic is large, the business is not bad.

Lu Wei shop located in the entrance to make full use of features, for the supermarket made the front and side door two, red and yellow, from afar looks very eye-catching, regardless of things or to the north-south traffic customers can see. Subsequent business confirms the judgment of Lu Wei: the location is not worried about the source.

to the "traveler" into "customer", Lu Wei based on customer demand purchase of marketable commodities. He is also a shop peripheral electric car charging station

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