What are the names of the attention of the gym


says it’s a good idea to have a proper name for the gym, there are a lot of things to do. We only have to pay more attention to the relevant matters, to be able to make the shop has a more appropriate name. So, what are the names of the attention of the gym?

1, the name of the gym, internal and external mathematics and the total mathematical must be lucky, to avoid 34, 28, 20, and other large numbers.

2, the name of the gym must be a good image, so as to be loved.

3, a gym name must be auspicious, in line with the folk culture, that is specific to the legal representative of the enterprise or the boss’s birthday match, and the legal representative of the enterprise or the boss birthday industry five preferences to adapt, but not conflict.


4, enterprise, brand name, name and personality must be mathematical corporate legal representative or the boss, not grams. The name of the enterprise, the brand must be consistent with the nature of its industry, such as the name of a computer company, can not afford to have a name like Tongrentang pharmaceutical companies.

5, the gym must have a unique image of the personality, unique, so as to be impressive, and thus easy to remember and spread, resulting in a multiplier effect.

6, the gym name must be catchy, said he shunzui, listen.

name is not a simple name can be, especially the need to open the door to do business shops, therefore, we only pay more attention to before you can open a more popular shop. So, if you want to get a proper name for the gym, do you know what needs to be noticed?

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