Print advertising page turned entrepreneurs have tasted the sweetness of a green hand

in fact, business opportunities everywhere, but you are good at discovering. If you want to, a blank A4 is also hidden opportunities? Recently, Hunan Agricultural University college students Chen from the blank to a thin sheet of paper in front of a figure out a way of earning money:

he persuaded him to design their own advertisers investment, advertising and advertising side printed on paper, and then the "backing paper advertising" free campus print shop. As a result, the printing paper free for the customers, and businesses in the spread of printing paper cleverly advertised, and he earned an advertising fee, three birds with one stone, Why not??

campus out of print club students and most of people in order to facilitate the too many to count, is the single print. Careful Kuang Chen found the printing paper in between people came to pass, pass rate is very high, a lot of people printed materials after use will throw a pile of paper, printing paper, it is a pity. Kuang Chen admitted that his intention is to feel waste unfortunately, did not expect a sudden idea turned into opportunities.

"three of us each division, a contact the manufacturer, an advertising design, I was responsible for contact print." Chen Kuang this special paper for printing single advertising agency, if customers choose to use the print paper presentation, will enjoy free of charge. During the production of paper and printing costs borne by the advertiser. This print paper back advertising how profitable?

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