The nineteenth concourse Fair held in Zhongguancun concert

with the management of activities to promote the development of innovation and Entrepreneurship from the mainland to Hong Kong and Macao volume. The day before, Beijing Hongkong start innovation service depth exchange activities. To provide a platform for the exchange of innovative services for young entrepreneurs.

11 28 in the morning, to "start face to face service innovation power and public entrepreneurship" as the theme of the nineteenth concourse fair Zhongguancun special events held in Hongkong Convention and Exhibition center. The activities organized by the administrative committee of Zhongguancun Science Park and Hongkong Science Park, TGN enlightenment enlightenment holding, global network and Zhongguancun Listed Companies Association jointly hosted, Hongkong investment promotion department, the Hongkong Trade Development Council, Hongkong Bureau of science and technology innovation, Hongkong Software Industry Association, Hongkong China Innovation Association, 36 krypton, angel sinks, hard eggs as a support mechanism this event.

Executive vice president,

Mr. President Guan Hongliang world map

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