There are several popular new entrepreneurial venture

people are not willing to go to work, entrepreneurship has become the goal of the majority of white-collar workers, which projects have a future, it is easy to make money to start a business, the following entrepreneurs with a look at how to make money.

now, with different levels of foreign language training school in the leading position, from senior white-collar workers, University to pupils even preschool children are members of foreign language training in the army. Foreign language training market lucrative, but also attracted many investors. According to industry estimates, only the annual foreign language training in Beijing output value of more than 1 billion yuan. It is understood that the city of Beijing, a variety of small and large English training classes, test counseling classes are increasing at an annual rate of 60%. Simultaneous interpreters of high returns and the lack of this kind of school, make Beijing one of the few translation training school is very hot.

  open a computer repair shop

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