Spring Festival promotion can attract customers with the atmosphere

a lot of people will look at the store’s popularity, this is an atmosphere of stress, so if a shop wants to do a good job of promotion, it may be from the atmosphere above the effort. I entered the twelfth lunar month, in the shop door hanging banners, red lanterns, publicity pictures, make customers feel the arrival of the holiday. At the same time, the "auspicious" as the flagship, the goods re placement, scientific and rational planning of shop space, good merchandising, sales of goods to meet the festival all OTC, does not comply with the holiday sales of goods shelf temporarily, try to give customers a unique and novel feeling. Put the cigarette counter to the entrance prominently, with red packaging cigarettes placed into various shapes, to attract customers.

at the same time, in the stores above the plug a few bar colorful flags, flags at a few sound, whistling sound is very eye-catching. Store, the red Chinese knot, red ribbon, such as a symbol of reunion, auspicious ornaments hanging in every corner of the shop, so that customers can feel a deep taste into the store. In order to create an atmosphere, let the atmosphere lead the sales, I chose the "Congratulations", "China congratulation", "parents" and other songs in the store loop, passing a family reunion atmosphere.

in order to attract customers, I put the main goods store prices posted prominently in the shop, and all-weather propaganda through in store TV, LED propaganda, enhance the communication with the customer, to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding and trouble. At the same time, I seize the "new year," the peak of consumption, the introduction of the appropriate temperature " love " advertising, the store commodities are accompanied by warm and moving advertising language.

if the blanket reads "bring parents lasting warmth", "liquor counter written on the father’s love home" and so on, these warm advertising can let the audience remember the heart precipitation of love, let people burst into tears. I have some goods store characteristics and parents love combined together, in the wake of the customer heart "love" at the same time, also let the commodity good "containing" propaganda, received very good results.

Chinese people love to make fun of the character determines whether a store business can be popular, and popularity has a very big relationship. So, if you want to open a business hot shop, may wish to do more publicity, to attract more customers, so that shops popular hot, and then business booming.

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