After the implementation of the Fujian kitchen bright kitchen supervision into things in the regulat

fast-paced social life, people often choose to dine out, but a lot of food and beverage industry health, so that the majority of consumers are really worried about. How to ensure the safety of the tongue? Become an important daily topic. In response to such a widespread social phenomenon, the implementation of bright kitchen stoves in Fujian, after the regulatory change into things in regulation. To the hotel to eat, take a look at whether the kitchen health clearance, food processing is standardized, it will not make you feel more assured to eat?

reporter yesterday from the municipal market supervision bureau, to further improve the safety level of food service in our city, prevention, control and reduce the risk of food safety, the protection of public health diet, the city since last year with the actual catering services and vigorously promote the "bright bright kitchen stove" to create work, promote the catering service providers open process, publicity food raw materials and sources of information, fully protect consumers’ right to know, the right of participation, right of supervision, has achieved some success.

implementation of bright kitchen stove

change after the regulation of things in the regulation of

frequented Cultural Arts Center, a street restaurant people may notice that in the past two months, the size of the food and beverage stores are generally installed electronic display. Reporters from the recently held Xiamen city to create food safety demonstration street work meeting was informed that, here is building the "food safety demonstration Street", for the video "Ming Liang kitchen stove, kitchen for businesses to the video in the form of" transparency ", the consumer has become" the supervisor".

cultural arts center catering Street existing catering shop 20, covering small and medium-sized restaurants, restaurants, fast food shops, snack shops, liquor stores and other types, is the city’s recommendation for the creation of Fujian province food safety demonstration Street pilot block. It is understood that the demonstration street not only carry out bright kitchen stove, namely in the cold dish room, rough, cooking, decontamination room and other key areas to implement video surveillance, so that consumers at a glance; also the implementation of industry self-regulation, set up by the owner LED industry self-discipline group, advocate self management. Composed of 3 self inspection team every day, found problems, timely correction. Last year, the owners of the committee also printed and posted a 600 table of civilization propaganda logo, industry self-regulation work full of sound and colour.

"in 2015, the city built a total of 6 food and beverage food safety demonstration street, the demonstration shop in; in 2016, the city’s 6 districts will also be launched at least two demonstration street." City Market Supervision Bureau official said in an interview with reporters, the city has developed a catering service model to create the implementation scheme of demonstration Street catering units, key positions are to be installed video kitchen facilities, business establishments in a prominent position to be equipped with electronic display screen, create a "transparent kitchen", realize the management of food service units by far the recommended machining process

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