China Merchants exhibition planning coup recommended

is a city or a business investment show at the time of preparation, not only need to consider starting from some of the overall situation, also need to pay attention to the whole show in all aspects, have what precautions? Let’s see.

Several merchants exhibition planning of


The development of

Second, invited attractive in germany. To pay attention to the combination of visibility and reality, the world’s top 500 enterprises must have, well-known, the public’s government or associations should also have to enhance the publicity of the exhibition. But more participants should really have the intention to invest in Germany’s enterprises, enterprises will belong to business cooperation projects, such as name, one by one to China express enterprise.

Third, China promotion in the local government and the Development Zone in. In the end, participants and sponsors, is the main source of income. Under the premise of a good theme and the German participants, so that local governments and development zones and other beneficiaries to pay, is the most important. This requires careful planning.

Fourth, the diversity of the exhibition form. In the exhibition before the publicity, often the key, including both before the theme of the meeting, such as publicity, to create their own reputation and brand. Also includes the needs of both sides of the meeting, the initial docking on the Internet, the formation of online and interactive effects of the meeting. Exhibition itself, including exhibitions, seminars, forums and other forms, strengthen the probability of contact and turnover.

fifth, recommended

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