How to achieve the sale of holiday sales

believe that many shops will have such a problem, seize the holiday business opportunities, but also to do a variety of promotional activities, but the sales results are not ideal, store business is not optimistic. Each new year festival is similar, each year is different. With the Spring Festival approaching, we began to bustle up the alley, in the golden season of the sale of goods, retail customers how to grasp the key to seize the key in the festival to achieve "win"? The author believes that retail customers may wish to start from the actual work, focus on the following aspects:

one, multi pronged approach to create atmosphere

atmosphere is a good way to do a good job in the holiday season, with a strong atmosphere to attract customer attention, in order to mobilize and stimulate consumer desire to buy. I think, to create a good atmosphere of the festival mainly includes two aspects: one is from the inside, mainly to strengthen the education and training of staff, and to develop effective incentive measures, fully mobilize the marketing personnel in store service initiative and enthusiasm, so that the majority of employees to unite, to better respond to the holiday marketing.

two is to start from the outside, the main is to make full use of advertising, public relations, sales promotion and other means to heighten the atmosphere, create atmosphere. For example, through the Internet, television, newspapers, radio stations, concentrated to cause the public to store holiday marketing attention; to key customers, enterprises, customer visits, and actively promote the new brand, new product, solicit their opinions and suggestions to the shop, closer to the feelings, enhance friendship, and reached a cooperation agreement to promote the smooth development of business holiday.

two, focusing on the characteristics of goods

During the

Festival, in addition to the traditional rice oil, snacks, candy, beverages, tobacco and other seasonal goods, operators should be more to the market investigation and study, mainly to see if there are new products listed on the market, which is not in the local commodity sales, consumers love what goods, and so on, to find opportunities from, seize opportunities.

I think a retail customers, in the last year before the Spring Festival, he through the market investigation, found around the big city retail shop and bought many "rabbit" related accessories, auto accessories, fashion plush toys, electric toys, business is very hot, so he bought a large number of these results. The goods put on the counter, immediately attracted many customers, consumers are very interested in these new products. Not only do these goods sell fire, but also led to a large number of other holiday merchandise store sales. Is the so-called "no I have, I have new people, new people I need to do business, odd brains, need some" boring "jin.

three, around the group ahead of time to buy

is a major feature of holiday shoppers, but also to promote the shop >

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